BACOENG 25/60 -180 pour chauffage central pompe de recirculation Baco Engineering

  • Entrée/Sortie : 1-1/2''
  • Débit maximum (L/Min) : 53/ 35/ 21
  • maximale föder haute (M) : 6/ 5/ 3
  • Puissance (W) : 93/67/46
  • Tension : 230 V/50 Hz
Description du produit

Performance Data:
Inlet/Outlet Size: 1-1/"
Rated Power(W): 9/ 6/ 46
Max Flow(L/min): 5/ 5/ 1
Max Head(FT): 0/ 16.5/ 10
Voltage/Frequency: 0V/ 50HZ
Installation length: 180mm
- Pump housing: Cast Iron
- Impeller: Corrosion-resistant, Composite, PES
- Shaft: Ceramic
- Bearing: Carbon axial
Motor Feature:Single phase,Closed, externally ventilated
Heavy Duty Motor housing (Won't get overheat even continuous running)
Insulation class: F
Protection class: IP44
Application: Used in Suitable for city buildings, suburban villas, houses, water and pressurized with industrial equipment, air conditioning, boilers, solar circulating water, hot water circulating warm and so on.

1. High temperature resistance, anti-fraying, high efficiency, high flow,leak-tightness, low consumption
. Super silent, environmental protection, aesthetics, ease of installation.
. Built-in high sensitive electronic sensors with three-speed control.

1. Suitable for Medium: hot water and ethanol maximum ratio of 1:1
. Performance: Liquid temperature range:-10~+110 Celsius,Maximum working pressure:10bar
. Ambient Temperature: Not higher than 40 Celsius.
4. Mounting Position: Shaft horizontal mounting
5. Pump Settings: single-phase pipeline pump files manually controlled single-phase motor is not overloaded casting pump length 180 mm.


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19 octobre 2018
se monte sans probleme en lieu et place aucune modif a faire niveau tuyau ou raccord tout est fournis
21 septembre 2018
Chauffage central
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24 novembre 2018
installé depuis 3 semaines et riens a redire .satisfait.
andreo gilbert
5 novembre 2018
CHAUFAGE CENTRAL DE MA résidence secondaire

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