Electronics-Salon Montage sur rail DIN 2 modules d'interface de relais de puissance SPDT, relais 10A, bobine 12V.

  • 1 Piece Din Rail Mount 2 SPDT Power Relay Interface Module.
  • 12V Version, G5LA-14 12V Power Relays.
  • High quality PCB carrier. Din rail mountable - for width 35 / 32 / 15mm rails.
  • External dimensions: 50 x 87 x 42mm(L x W x H).
  • G5LA-14 12V Power Relays.

Piece Din Rail Mount 2 SPDT Power Relay Interface Module.

2V Version, G5LA- 2V Power Relays.
LED indicator for each relay channel.
Screw terminal block.
Din rail mountable - for width 5 / 2 / 5mm rails.
High quality PCB carrier.
FR- fiber glass PCB.
External dimensions: 50 x 87 x 2mm(L x W x H).
PCB dimensions: 7. x 72 ( L x W ).
00% new, never used.

Operating Voltage / Current(max.): 2Vdc / 00mA.
Input control signal voltage:
0V - 0.5Vdc, low level, relay not action.
0.5V - 2.5Vdc, unknown state.
2.5V - 2Vdc, high level, relay action.
Input control signal high level current:
2.5V: 0.mA.
5V: 0.5mA.
2V: .mA.
20V: .9mA.

Relay Spec:
Type: G5LA- 2V DC.
Contact Rating: 277 VAC / 0 Amp or 0 VDC/0 Amp.
Datasheet: Click here.

This is a very simple module board, no paper specifications, any questions, feel free to tell me.

Wire connection and PCB size:
VCC: Power supply input, 2V DC.
GND: Power supply ground and control signal ground.
IN-X: Control signal input, Low: relay not action, High: relay action.
COM / NO / NC:
Control signal state low, the relay OFF, COM - NO disconnected, COM - NC connected.
Control signal stage high, the relay ON, COM - NO connected, COM - NC disconnected.


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